UPS Monitoring Software: An Easy Way to Determine the Current Status of UPS

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Also known as UPS, battery backup, uninterruptible power source, uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power in case of sudden power failure, surges, brownouts and other faulty conditions. In order to monitor the work of UPS, there are a number of software has been introduced. UPS Monitoring Software is software especially designed for monitoring UPS and its battery by providing signal to concerned person about battery low or any other UPS related situations. In fact, it keeps you updated from the current position of your UPS.

Knowing more about UPS monitoring software

UPS monitoring software is popular and renowned software designed to save important data by automatically detecting UPS utility failure and battery low. It automatically shuts down the computers as well as UPS when the battery becomes low. The software gives signal to system officers and users by producing sound. Some of the main advantages of the software include saves important files before the system gets shut down, organizes countdown time when the situation of low battery takes place and so on.

How the software works?

The software sends alarm message on the computer system with Windows OS via Windows NT messenger service. E-mail, GSM, SMS, BP-Call, and alarm voice via telephone are some of the common sources through which UPS monitoring software sends alarm message. French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Russian are Chinese are some of the common languages supported by the software. Its feature of easy to install make it popular among users. Employed by both the individual users and corporate users, the software is available in numerous versions.

Advantages of using the UPS software

The software keeps you updated with the status of the software and helps you in monitoring the temperature and leak detection of the batteries of your UPS system. Some of the common features of the software include controlled closedown, customer customization, multiple servers handling, SNMP, remote management and so on. Most of the established and reputed UPS stores also deal in UPS accessories. Apart from free shipment facility, they offer their products and services at cost effective rates. These online UPS providers will also visit your place and install the UPS monitoring software if you wish.

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