Natural Ice-cream Franchisee Emerging as a Good Business Investment Option

Published: 18th February 2011
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People of all ages love to relish in ice cream made from organic products to share a light moment. With the increasing demand of natural ice cream, ice cream business has emerged as a good retail venture. Business minded individuals who are seeking for low investment with good returns would find natural ice-cream franchise as a good option.

Experts also view that ice-cream retail industry is emerging. The reason, relishing in ice-cream has become a trend among the all class in the society. In many houses, it has become a part of menu list that are usually served after having meal. So, with the growing demand chain of ice-cream kiosk and parlours have mushroomed in the cities. People willing to invest an amount of 10-14 lakhs will find the ice-cream business suitable to start a venture by owning low risk. Moreover, the margin of profit in this business is impressive.

In Indian, the natural ice-cream franchise is expanding and you might easily find retailers, parlours or kiosk in all the major Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Bangalore etc. where gourmet rush to indulge themselves in some flavoursome organic ice-cream. The ice-creams are made from all hand picked organic products such as fruits, dry fruits and chocolate. The fresh fruit ice-cream are available in flavour of tender coconut, apple kismis, green grapes, banana, kala jamun, papaya pineapple and more that really taste yummy. Thanco Fresh Natural Ice-cream with its roots in Bangalore holds a good example as a fast growing natural ice-cream franchisee that is trying to cater the increasing demand of ice-cream lovers.

According to reports, people in the contemporary time has become more inclined towards products or foods made from organic ingredients as they help them remain fit whilst enjoying the flavour.

Opting for a natural ice-cream franchisee has certain benefits compared to running a venture of your own. You do not have to invest huge funds for start up, and the products are available in easy roll out form. Moreover, you will sell products that has already become a brand and earn high margin. is one of the fastest growing franchise businesses opportunity in India today, find organic and Natural Ice Cream in all major cities in India. To get more information on this Natural Icecream Franchisee, just fill the contact form on their website.

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