Maruti 800 Personal Review for Long Drive

Published: 06th August 2010
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I had a Maruti 800 for the past 7 years and more than 50k kms. There had been no troubles over 7 years, around no maintenance, good mileage, within the city and highway, enough power within the city up to 120 kmph.

Maruti 800 changed the automotive landscape in her past. Even today, it is a cheap runabout and a main reason for comparatively expensive Reva to be not considered viable. From starting its has remained first choice of middle family. It is a small but powerful vehicle ready for all works. In small cities people use it to travel and also for transport small businesses

If you are looking for a car, you can consider something safer than Maruti 800 I think is the only one without any crumple zones at all. Maruti Alto, Hyundai Santro or Tata Indica might be little safer at a similar price segment. I was involved in a few minor accidents which dented the body but don't affected mechanisms. However after 40000 km some minor issues came which usually happens with every car after that much distance.

Over all Maruti Suzuki cars has been a faithful companion always. all small cars provides around 16-17 in the city and around 19 on the highway. Other than regular Oil changes and timely servicing these don't' require much from the car owner else than safe and clean driving.

Now upgraded to a wagon-r only a few months back cause my parents wanted to. But still I miss the little bird. Due to less park space at home we sold it one of my friends who is also one of Maruti 800 fan. Maruti cars also give good resale value if maintained properly.

Now I am going to have fun with new Maruti wagon-r as Maruti 800 chapter has closed to me.

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