Bifocal Glasses- Ways to Correct Near Sightedness and Far Sightedness

Published: 15th April 2010
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Bifocal, as the name suggests, is a lens that is equally used for correcting farsightedness and nearsightedness. The bifocal glasses rescue you from the pain of carrying two glasses for correcting both far sightedness and near sightedness. The bifocal glasses are made up using a technology where there is healthy amalgamation of both the concave lens and convex lens within one frame. This makes it easier for the user to use the bifocal glasses. The near sightedness and far sightedness can now be successfully dealt with the regular use of bifocal glasses. Women's glasses and men's glasses can be made as bifocal. Read on to know more about the glasses and the latest advancement in technology.

Bifocal Glasses and Women Glasses

Women love to experiment with their looks. Some want sophistication whereas others want charm. Though, you can't change the god gifted, the glasses play an important role in changing the looks of the person. The bifocal glasses are now mounted on attractive frames that can change the complete appearance of the person. The bifocal glasses come in two or more types. There are some where the lenses are divided into two parts, the lower part for near sightedness and the upper one for far sightedness. There are others where a round portion of the lenses, just below the eye is meant for correcting near sightedness and rest for far sightedness. More friendly changes are coming up with time.

The women's glasses can now be mounted on different types of frames. The bifocal lenses are no different in this case. The lenses can now be made up of quality plastics as well. You can pay for making the lenses anti glare coated and scratch proof. The anti glare will protect your eye from the harmful UV rays and the damaging radiations coming out from computer. The scratch proof coating saves the lenses from getting damaged in the long run. The glasses are so common that even the e commerce market is also beaming up with the online stores providing the glasses. Read on to know how you can buy the glasses online. is one of the largest global online optician, provides Bifocal glasses online with the best quality. We provide FDA approved women's glasses at affordable prices.

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